The Sámara Sportfishing Crew

Meet our experienced team ready to take you on your next adventure.

Captain Séamus

Captain Séamus is the owner of Sámara Sportfishing. Raised on the water in the Florida Keys, he knows his way around a boat. Séamus recently realized his dream of 20 years of calling Sámara home.

Coco the Boat Dog

You will see Coco most mornings playing with her friends on the beach and in the surf while you wait for your water taxi. She loves to go fishing, so if she jumps in the taxi and you want to take her along she’d be happy to go.

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Guest Captain Frank

It’s always a treat when Captain Frank takes the helm for us when he’s not busy with his own boat charters. He has been a captain for 8 years and has lived and fished in Sámara for 22 years.


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